Friday, October 18, 2013

Introduction to I Must Help

This blog has been created to promote the concept of supporting others through financial, ethical, social, moral and educational means. The contents are posted with the mission that the message of helping others is reached to every single human on earth and is refreshed again and again until each soul concretely understands the message that helping others is the utmost responsibility he/she carries throughout the life. 

The owner of this blog believes that not only NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) are required to work for social causes, instead, each human MUST contribute towards society even if he/she has one spare biscuit for another member !!!

The overall intention is to create a work force who would reduce the poverty, stress, hunger and health index across the globe including but not limited to the following areas

Whether you are rich, average or poor, you can definitely contribute towards one ore more categories mentioned below: 

1- Educate A Child
2- Adopt A Child
3- Finance a Patient
4- Donate The Blood 
5- Support A Hospital
6- Sponsor Food For a Family on Monthly Basis
7- Buy a Poor woman a sewing Machine

The owner does not accept any donations directly or indirectly. 

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How Do You Contribute to Society?